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ИП Мойсинович С.С УНП 192635821


Регион обслуживания Вся Беларусь
Прием оплаты наличными Нет
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Our advantages: polite and punctual drivers, working 24 hours a day, always clean and tidy cars. All vehicles are equipped with Wi-Fi devices and car seats. Taxi service to Minsk airport Being late for a plane is a disruption of the trip and a lot of subsequent troubles. Besides, it's a big financial loss. If you do not want to be late for your flight, you need to book a taxi to the airport "Minsk 2".We will deliver the car exactly at the appointed time, which will allow you to arrive at the terminal directly to the departure. We can order not only a transfer to the airport Minsk 2, but also a taxi from the terminal, train station or hotel – the ordered car will pick up the arrived client and quickly deliver it to the right address. Modern taxi services are characterized by convenience and increased comfort of passengers. Our advantage: Flexible rates for a taxi to the airport Minsk 2 or to the house; Comfortable car; Experienced drivers who can quickly deliver passengers to their destination; Up to eight passengers can be carried at the same time; The ability to deliver customers arriving at the airport of Minsk to any locality of the Republic of Belarus. How to book a transfer? In order to order a taxi to Minsk airport, you need to call in advance the phone numbers listed on the page of our website. Tell the operator the time of arrival of the aircraft at the airport Minsk 2 or home address, as well as the required time of entrance. The car will be delivered on time and without delay. Here you can order other services – taxi from Minsk 2 airport, taxi to the railway station and taxi from the station or hotel, taxi to the airport from Grodno, Mogilev, Brest, Gomel and Vitebsk. Our services are already included: Waiting for the passenger to arrive at Minsk airport within 30 minutes-you do not need to pay extra money; Delivery to the address specified in the application in the city of Minsk or in other settlements. In addition, we can provide services for the delivery of a group of customers to several addresses in the city of Minsk.